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Commercial Services

No matter what you need when it comes to commercial garage doors, Overhead Door of the GC has you covered. Our team of expert technicians provide top quality service, installation and repair for your business’ needs. With 24/7 availability for emergency garage door malfunctions and a large selection of commercial doors for you to choose from, you can have peace of mind by choosing us for all of your garage door needs.

Commercial Garage Door Equipment

Our provider for commercial garage doors is Overhead Door, who provides top quality and high performance garage doors across the world. From start to finish, we ensure you are provided with exceptional service and the best equipment available.

The commercial garage doors that we regular keep in stock include:

Commercial Loading Dock Equipment

While ensuring a secure garage door is important, it is also important to ensure a safe loading dock area for your employees and visitors. This means ensuring your equipment is up to standards, as well as fully operational. Our technicians can assist in installing or repairing many safety features needed on a loading dock to ensure you and your employees are as safe as possible. For your loading dock needs, we regularly stock the following items:

  • Loading Dock Levelers
  • Loading Dock Seals
  • Loading Dock Shelters

Preventative Maintenance

When you are using your garage door on a daily basis, it can tend to give you problems after a few months, that is why it’s important to ensure you have it serviced regularly. Depending on how frequently you use your garage door will determine how often you should have it serviced and the extent of each service.
If you are interested in a preventative maintenance, please contact us to schedule an appointment. During the appointment our technician will inspecting your existing equipment, as well as tell you what he recommends for your doors.

To learn more about our preventative maintenance, click here.

Have Questions?

If you can’t find what you are looking for or have additional questions, we are always here to help you just give us a call.

No matter what the question is, our staff is happy to assist you to ensure you get the best garage door available. Being in South Florida, where architecture and projects can become highly customized or complicated at times, we are prepared to accommodate and get the job done for you. Our team is highly skilled and able to complete any garage door project that comes their way.